Foggy Notion

Captain Quirk recalls: We at Rocknuts are big fans of The Velvet Underground, one of the greatest and most influential of...

Something in the Air

Sir Rocknuts recalls: Thunderclap Newman was an idea more than it was a band. The Who’s Pete Townsend wanted to promote his friend, drummer Speedy Keen, so he put together this band to showcase Speedy’s songs and this particular call to revolution back in 1969. Andy Newman was the engineer and played roadhouse piano (is that where the band’s name came from?). Speedy had been a roadie for John Mayall when Pete Townsend met him. Townsend played bass on the song under the nom de plume of “Bijou Drains”. Speedy wasn’t done yet after this success and also wrote “Armenia City in the Sky” which was on “The Who Sells Out” album.

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