Noun | ˈräk-ˈnəts

: A person who loves rock – old school, new school and everything in between


Rocknuts was founded by Sir Rocknuts on April Fool’s Day, 2015, with one goal: making a site about rock music that doesn’t suck. You won’t find any peripheral news or discussions about Top 40 music here. Just reviews and commentary and a back-and-forth on the best of the rock world from the 1960s through today. Check out Sir Rocknuts’ manifesto here.

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Who is Rocknuts?

  • Sir Rocknuts Founder, Chief Humility Officer, author of the soon-to-be-famous “Top 100” rock list
  • Fred Marion Publisher
  • Captain Quirk Webmaster and contributor
  • Al Kooper Sharing “New Music For Old People” with us; yet another rock legend here at Rocknuts…
  • Rich Karfilis Staff writer hailing from Toronto, eh?
  • Jordan Posner Staff writer from Chicago focusing on reviews and features on “new music”
  • Liz Fox Staff writer with a passion for bands who don’t use Ticketmaster
  • Bob Poseur Reviews of older nostalgic stuff
  • Nora Walker Of irockiroll blog fame and coverage of recent releases and trends
  • Sir Harry Bolter The English equivalent of Sir Rocknuts with a Brit-centric perspective

Where is Rocknuts?

Rocknuts is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio.