Song of the Day: Del Shannon – “Hats Off To Larry”

I took a visit to the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame recently, where one of my favorite features is their collection of handwritten lyrics. This is one of the songs they have on display, and since I hadn’t heard it in a while, I figured it would be a good choice to spotlight today. It’s an interesting and almost comical song lyrically — a tale of pointing and laughing at the ex who got burned after doing the burning herself, and yet the main character still wants to get back together with her. (Hats off to Larry, he broke your heart/Just like you broke mine when you said we must part/He told you lies, now it’s your turn to cry cry cry/Now that Larry said goodbye to you/I know this may sound strange/I want you back, I think you’ll change…) Love can be that stubborn sometimes. The song peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard chart in the US.

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