Song Of The Day: Radiohead – “There, There”

June 9th, 2018 marked the 15th birthday of this interesting musical creation. It was also my first deep dive with Radiohead as a band. Hail to the Thief was so influential in my musical tastes that I remember exactly when I heard it and what I was doing at time time. It was so impactful that my friend and I drove to Best Buy that day so that I could buy the CD- remember when people went to Best Buy to get CDs. Of course, the album reflects the time, Thom has said that the lyrics and themes are mostly influenced by the War on Terror and children’s fairy tails and folklore gone dastardly. However you feel about this album, it’s definitely a product of the time and while it was acclaimed for critics, the Radiohead community usually has strong positive or negative comments on Hail to the Thief.

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