One Of The Most Important Sidemen In Music History Has Passed

As reported on by Legends of Rock Guitar, Blues and R&B guitarist Matt “Guitar” Murphy has passed. Murphy supported the likes of Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, Otis Rush, Etta James, Blues Brothers Band, and many more.

Murphy’s nephew went on Facebook to report the loss saying, “Well they say when it rains it pours…I was just told that my uncle Matt Guitar Murphy passed away last night.. I can’t feel a freaking thing in my body now but I must stay strong cause he was a strong man that lived a long long fruitful life that poured his heart out in every guitar solo he took… yes the master is up stairs now with my father and mother, uncle Melvin Murphy, Jimmy Biggins, Eric Udell, Alan Ruben, BB King, Etta James… the list is just way too long folks but there all together again doing what there known for across the world ….love you uncle tell dad hi for me…. May you RIP.”

He passed in Miami at the age of 88.

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Photo credit: Reverend Mick man34

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