Hear The Impressive New Death Cab For Cutie Single “Gold Rush”

It’s so great to hear a new song by Death Cab For Cutie, it transports me right back to the relatively quaint and simple days of the ‘00s when they were one of the biggest and most important indie bands going. I’ve always thought that frontman Ben Gibbard was one of the best songwriters of his generation, but also that the band’s appeal was limited by his emo affectations which sometimes steered them into unsavory I’m-so-sensitive shoegaze territory.

Still, I think they’ve made enough strong material to elevate them far above the ranks of the more mundane brooders. 2005’s “Soul Meets Body” is a brilliant piece of songwriting, a beautiful poetic lyric wrapped in a catchy, probing melody, while 2008’s “Cath” showed how they can do the same within a heavier Rock context. I must confess that I’m not too familiar with Death Cab’s two albums from the 2010s, although I’m sure they’ve got some good moments, but this new single just came out from their upcoming album Thank You For Today, and I think it is excellent.

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And it’s not exactly a flashback to the ‘00s either because on this track at least, they’ve clearly developed and broadened their sound. All that percussion and the layered backing vocals are new, they are effective and a definite nod to the new decade. The melody and chord sequence are nothing to write home about, but it is a really fine lyric about what is lost when the familiar streets we walk on daily change over the years. Pretty entertaining video too. You can’t go home again but at least you can keep on walking. The new album hits the shelves August 17, and a lot of us around here are eager to hear the rest of it.


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