Song Of The Day: The Derek Trucks Band – “I’d Rather Be Blind, Crippled, And Crazy” (2006)

Happy 39th birthday to Derek Trucks, one of the finest guitar players on the planet today. The guy was practically born with a guitar in his hand – a child prodigy at 5, first paid gig at 11, performing alongside Buddy Guy at 13, and becoming an official member of the Allman Brothers at 20. He was the nephew of Allmans co-founder the late Butch Trucks, but you don’t make that band if you don’t have the chops. While The Derek Trucks Band is often associated with the Allman Brothers sound, Trucks takes his music in different directions then his mentors did, most notably including Eastern and African sounds in his mix. Check out his brilliant touch on this live track from 2006.


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