A Scorching New Song From John Fogerty And Billy Gibbons

Combining the musical visions of Creedence Clearwater Revival and ZZ Top seems like such a natural fit, it’s surprising that it’s never happened before now. Creedence frontman John Fogerty and the Texas swamp Rock kings are currently in the middle of their 24-date “Blues and Bayous” tour, but as an added bonus, Fogerty and ZZ Top frontman Billy Gibbons have just released a co-written single called “The Holy Grail”, and it’s just as good as you would imagine it could be, if not better.

Fogerty and Gibbons have been big fans of each other’s bands for a long time, and as it turns out they’ve been meaning to collaborate for years but could never get their schedules to mesh. In a Rolling Stone interview Fogarty said he was drawn to the Top when he first heard “La Grange”, saying that “there was such a groove to that song, such a feel”. For his part Gibbons was pretty clear about his respect for Creedence:

It was a fascinating juxtaposition of a band from northern California that played blues from the bayou and struck a chord that resonated throughout the rest of the country. I think it would be fair to say that the recordings that popped up in that auspicious time continue to resonate. There is something magical about what that sound contained and, of course, it would be fair to say that John Fogerty’s singing style is a gift from the heavens.

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Earlier this year Fogerty and Gibbons got together to discuss the tour, figuring out details like joining each other’s bands on stage, and when they started rehearsing together they both felt the magic right from the git-go. Gibbons called it “an exercise in just absolute joy”, and out of that very first jam came this song. It definitely feels like “La Grange” off the top, but when you put Fogerty’s voice together with Gibbons’ distinctive guitar growl, man, you really do have something special on your hands. Talking about the song, Fogerty said:

For me as a musician, swamp boogie is the holy grail of music. This sound captured my soul from a very early age. I couldn’t think of a better artist to conjure the vibe of the swamp with me better than the one and only Billy F. Gibbons.

You should try to catch them on tour if you can. In the meantime maybe we can hope these guys lay down some more magic in the studio.

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