Great New Songs From Roger Daltrey And Johnny Marr

We’re excited to hear a couple of Rock legends keeping their musical journeys forging ahead with fine new albums. The Who frontman Roger Daltrey has just released his first solo album of new material since 1992’s Rocks In The Head. The new album’s called As Long As I Have You, and on it the impossibly fit and vibrant 74-year-old harkens back to the earliest, pre-fame days of The Who when they were a wildly energetic R&B/Soul covers band, “maximum R&B” they called it back then. The first single and title track is actually a song the band covered when they were known as the High Numbers, before they even became The Who. Daltrey may have lost some high end from his voice, but the rich power and depth is still there in all its legendary glory. The album’s tracks also cover Dusty Springfield, Stevie Wonder and Parliament, with a couple of Daltrey originals thrown in for good measure. As the indignities of aging inexorably leave their mark on all of us, it is awfully reassuring to see and hear a guy like Daltrey seemingly swimming in a fountain of youth.


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Some may question whether The Smith’s co-founder and lead guitarist Johnny Marr deserves legendary status, but I say he earned it on the strength of his iconic guitar playing on “This Charming Man” and “How Soon Is Now” alone. Although The Smiths split up more than 30 years ago, Marr has laid pretty low in the intervening years, mostly collaborating on other artists’ albums and projects. He didn’t release his first solo album until 2013, but he’s been back on his horse since then and has just released his fourth, called Call the Comet. I wouldn’t call it a brilliant album by any means, it contains a lot of standard fare, but I really like this song, a beautiful atmospheric number featuring his distinctive jangly chiming guitars. It’s good to have him back in the Rock mix.



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