Dedicated metal fan tries to swim back inside venue after being booted from show

You can’t blame Chris LaRocque for trying.

LaRocque was among the many fans in attendance at a recent show featuring Slayer, Anthrax and Testament in Toronto, Canada, but he wound up getting tossed from the gig during Testament’s opening act due to apparent drunken behavior. Considering this is Slayer’s farewell tour and LaRocque is also a big fan of Anthrax, he wasn’t about to give up seeing the show without a fight.

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Since the gig’s venue, the Budweiser Stage, is surrounded by water, LaRocque tried to swim his way back into the show. He fell short of his attempt after being caught by security.

“I wasn’t going fast,” LaRocque told Exclaim. “I was just trying to be incognito — I had my camouflage hat on, so I thought that might help.”

It turned out LaRocque’s efforts caught the attention of the right people, in particular Slayer guitarist Gary Holt, who unsuccessfully tried to let security allow him back in the venue. Even though they denied Holt’s request, Consequence of Sound says LaRocque has been invited to a future tour stop in London.

Word of LaRocque’s swim spread when Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian posted photos of the incident to Instagram. Click here to take a look.

Photo above from Scott Ian’s Instagram account


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