Song Of The Day: The Rolling Stones – “Brown Sugar” (Live Video 2015)

A heartfelt happy 77th birthday to Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts. Here’s a man whose solid and steady character is a perfect reflection of his musical playing style, and the perfect antidote to the two larger-than-life personalities who have fronted his band for more than 50 years. Charlie always held it all together both on and off the stage, which was always harder than it looked. Keith’s intricate rhythm patterns on the guitar would not have worked with a drummer who adorned his play with lots of fills and embellishments, but when Charlie did do fills they were hard and crisp and perfect. Like Ringo was the perfect drummer for the Beatles and Moon was the perfect drummer for The Who, Charlie Watts was and remains the perfect drummer for the Rolling Stones. May he live to be 100.

Photo Credit: Poiseon Bild & Text (press photo by a photographer of the consulting company Poiseon AG in St. Gallen, Switzerland)) – Flickr: The ABC & D of Boogie Woogie (Herisau, 13. Januar 2010), CC BY 2.0,


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