Ten underappreciated Led Zeppelin songs

With most bands it’s easy to find a good list of deep cuts or underappreciated/underrated songs, but Led Zeppelin is a bit different since almost every song they created was high quality and is widely beloved. There are a few, however, that deserve a bit more love than they usually get. Here’s a quick collection of ten of them that might stand up with much of their work in terms of enjoyability.

“Darlene” (from Coda)

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I kind of have a take-it-or-leave-it feel for much of what’s on Coda, but this is one I think can stack up with much of Zeppelin’s catalog. And you gotta love John Paul Jones’s piano on this one as well as Robert Plant’s weird pronunciation of the title.

“Four Sticks” (from IV)

This always felt lost in the shuffle among the other classics on Zeppelin’s fourth album, but it certainly holds its own. It was only performed live once, which is unfortunate.

“Hots On For Nowhere” (from Presence)

Featured once as one of our songs of the day, this song in part was about Robert Plant’s frustration with Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and manager Peter Grant. Per songfacts.com, the lyric “I’ve got friends who would give me the shoulder”, which reflects Plant’s feelings at the time towards Page and Grant, originally was “I’ve got friends who would give me fuck all”, but it couldn’t get past censors.

“I’m Gonna Crawl” (from In Through The Out Door)

Created largely by John Paul Jones, this song according to Songfacts was likely written as a tribute to Robert Plant’s late son Karac, who died at age five of a stomach infection in 1977. One of Zeppelin’s more powerful slow songs.

“In The Light” (from Physical Graffiti)

One of Zeppelin’s most psychedelic tracks, it features a creepy, spaced out vibe over the first couple of minutes before kicking in as a sludgy rocker. John Paul Jones has a strong presence on this one. Very cool song.

“Out On The Tiles” (from III)

A dense, thick rocker, this is one of the lesser appreciated tracks on Led Zeppelin III but certainly one of the more enjoyable.

“Tea For One” (from Presence)

A spiritual follow-up to “Since I’ve Been Loving You,” this song holds its own with that classic and is quite a bit more depressing. The song is about the loneliness Robert Plant experienced on the road, with vocals performed when he was in a wheelchair after his car accident. It has an interesting, upbeat beginning before settling into its bluesy feel.

“The Rover” (from Physical Graffiti)

It’s songs like this that make Physical Graffiti such an enduring classic. Sandwiched in between the album’s more famous songs are tracks like this that help give it all killer/no filler status.

“Sick Again” (from Physical Graffiti)

The lyrics might feel kind of creepy here on the surface, with Plant singing about attractive underage girls, but this song is supposedly about the band feeling pity on some of the groupies they encountered that ultimately were just faces in the crowd. It’s a rockin’ song though and a heck of an album closer.

“South Bound Saurez” (from In Through The Out Door)

Another blast from an underrated album, this song according to Songfacts was largely a creation of John Paul Jones, whose presence is felt again on the piano. A fun song indeed, made even more so by the fact the word “suarez” is misspelled in the title.

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