Iggy Pop Continues To Amaze, Now With Some Twisted EDM Beat Poetry

It looks like Iggy Pop’s late-career creative explorations are steaming ahead full throttle as he careens through what may end up being every contemporary music genre known to man. Two years ago his collaboration with new Rock God Josh Homme, Post Pop Depression, set a new standard for 21st century Rock excellence, and may end up someday being considered among the best Rock albums of all time, it’s that good. And that was just the start of the leathery Rock legend’s renaissance.

Among his projects last year was Loneliness Road, a pure straight-up jazz album made in collaboration with the Jamie Saft Trio. His free-association street-smart freestyling set to high-end contemporary jazz was completely original and surprisingly accessible, and it blew us all away.

Iggy’s latest musical left turn is a dive into electronic dance music of all things, and why the hell not? He can make anything sound good these days it seems, and this, amazingly enough, is no exception. He has just released a single called “Bells & Circles” in collaboration with the EDM outfit Underworld, and it is one wild piece of music, you’ve got to give it a listen.

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The guys from Underworld are themselves legends in the world of electronic music, going all the way back to 1982 when they released the influential underground new wave atmospheric “Doot Doot” under the band name Freur. As Underworld they hit the big time in 1996 when their song “Born Slippy” was featured on the Trainspotting movie soundtrack.

On “Bells & Circles” they lay down a churning rhythm track onto which Iggy launches an amazing extended spoken word rant, one that is funny as hell yet still makes a point in his own twisted way. He goes off about no smoking on airplanes and regales us with a couple of hilarious airplane stories, then turns that idea into a tongue-in-cheek metaphor about the curtailment of civil liberties:

It’s over for the liberal democracies, it’s over. Here comes the jungle. No more Rock critics, no more European ideas of good and bad, only a vengeful god that does not allow smoking on airplanes.

F-ing brilliant stuff if you ask me. Iggy’s woozy baritone is perfect for spoken word beat poetry, he did some of it to powerful effect on Post Pop Depression, and he’s a very intelligent, well-read man. The guy who used to cut himself on stage with broken glass is now like the new Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Ain’t life amazing?

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