Song Of The Day: Neil Finn – “More Than One Of You” (2017)

Happy 60th birthday to Neil Finn, one of the most underrated songwriters of our time, whose band Crowded House set the standard for Pop/Rock excellence in the late 80s/Early 90s. Stylistically, Finn is a cross between McCartney and Ray Davies, and while he doesn’t quite reach those heights of glory (who does?) he shares their gift for combining original melodies, song structures and lyrics. This song released last year – and which made our Best Singles of 2017 list – is a case in point. It’s a brilliant bit of songwriting, that unusual melodic structure at the beginning of the verse, those incredible lyrics – “Every age is a different colour /Deeper for the memory of the sun” – it’s a shame more people didn’t get to hear it. Well at least Finn will rack up some cash this summer taking Lindsey Buckingham’s place in the Fleetwood Mac tour. What a world.

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