Coverdale Hints At New Reissue of ‘Coverdale-Page’ With Extras

It seems that Whitesnake’s legendary frontman David Coverdale and Jimmy Page have plans revitalize and expand their 1993 album Coverdale-Page. To quote Coverdale: “Last year, prior to Christmas, I hosted all my Warner guys, the new people I’m working with. The new team flew up from LA to Reno where Hook City, the Whitesnake studio, is. We spent a day together discussing plans and ideas.

“And the president said – not the president of the United States – said, ‘How would you think bout revisiting the ‘Coverdale-Page’ album?’ And I said, ‘What, remixing?’

It seemed illness pushed back Whitesnake’s Flesh and Blood 2019. It also seemed to disrupt whatever Coverdale wanted to work on with Jimmy Page.

If the news is true, it seems the reissued project could include remastered audio, four or five extra released songs, and the possibility of a behind-the-scenes making of the album filmed by Coverdale himself. Once more is known on the project expect to find it here.

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