Female rockers outperforming “introverted” males

Alice Cooper laid into the latest generation of male rockers calling them “introverted” in a recent interview. “They don’t want to be rock stars, almost. They’re anti-rockstar,” he told Hilary Hughes (via UltimateGuitar).

Women on the other hand have taken over the reins, producing elaborate shows that transform their concerts into experiences.

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“Isn’t it interesting that the girls are the ones doing all the big productions? Lady Gaga does an amazing production, and she really knows what she’s doing up there – same with Shakira, same with Rihanna.

“It’s amazing that the girls are taking over the big productions and the guys have become very introverted. I don’t quite understand why a young rock band would be introverted rather than, ‘I’m a rock star. Let me loose! Get me up there and let me rock that place!’

Cooper also recounts the time he met Gaga and got her autograph:

“I think Gaga in particular is very similar to Alice Cooper. When I met her and got her autograph – I brought my daughter to see her – and it said, ‘Dear Alice, Thank you for letting me steal your show.’ [Laughs]

“No, she didn’t steal my show, but the idea behind the fact that she created a character named Lady Gaga, and what did she do? She wrote songs for Lady Gaga. I write songs for Alice Cooper. I don’t necessarily write songs for me: ‘What would Alice say here? What would Alice do here?’

“It gives me an opportunity to be a little bit more outrageous in a lot of ways, and be a little politically incoherent. I totally understand the Lady Gaga thing. It’s just amazing to me that more guys haven’t jumped in and done big productions.

Photo credit: John Robert Charlton via Wikimedia Commons.

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