Song of the Day: Garbage – “Push It”

Garbage recently announced they would be touring to commemorate the 20th anniversary of their second album, Version 2.0 (dates and info can be seen here). The album was aptly named, because it delivered more of the same of what was on their self-titled debut… which was fine, because their debut was terrific. “When we started recording, we made a conscious decision to not re-invent ourselves, but rather take everything we learned from our debut album and filter it through the new digital technology we were grappling with,” drummer Butch Vig said in a statement, per Rolling Stone. “Sonically, the album has moments of razor sharp clarity and soft beauty. Indeed, it’s possibly our best album.” One of the highlights was “Push It”, the band’s first single (released 20 years ago on April 20) off the album and a song that felt like “Stupid Girl” 2.0. But it’s a great track and one that shows how blistering Garbage can be when at their best.

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