Song of the Day: Oasis – “Some Might Say” (demo)

On April 24, 1995, Oasis released the song “Some Might Say” as a single, and within a couple of weeks it went on to become the band’s first number one hit in the U.K. The version posted here isn’t the one that went on to success as a single, but it’s an interesting listen nonetheless. It’s an acoustic demo version of the song performed solo by Noel Gallagher, which was released on a 2014 remastered deluxe version of the band’s album What’s The Story (Morning Glory). It’s not a perfect performance, but it’s still quite lovely and a nice change from the original version. Another demo version of the song can be heard here, in which Noel once again was on the vocals while using The Verve’s equipment to play the song (Noel played drums, guitar, and bass on the demo).

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