Song Of The Day: The Cure – “Friday I’m In Love” (1992)

Happy Birthday to Robert Smith, lead singer and songwriter for The Cure, who turns 59 today. Of all the Punk/New Wave bands that reached prominence in the early Eighties, the music of The Cure has stood the test of time better than most thanks to Smith’s brilliant songwriting, which has an unclassifiable timelessness to it. This song, for example, sounds like it could have been made at any point over the last 50 years. Smith has always been an enigmatic character who has confused and confounded a lot of people along the way. With his black clothing, thick smeared makeup and wild hair, he has been championed as a father of Goth, but the funny thing is his music has almost nothing to do with Goth. Having grown up as a kid on a diet of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Nick Drake, Smith’s music is smart, honest and exceptionally tuneful, and he keeps it all going today as a solo performer and collaborator.


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