See Alice Cooper as King Herod in Jesus Christ Superstar Live

Alice Cooper was among the star-studded cast of Sunday’s performance of Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert on NBC, and if you missed it you can see the performance below.

Cooper was part of a cast that included John Legend and Sara Bareilles. The Internet seemed to like his performance, but Billboard wasn’t so sure.

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“Going for an iconic face rather than a nimble musical theater performer to play King Herod, the production settled for a near-immobile Alice Cooper, who was more of a sneering geriatric rocker than a mocking vaudevillian,” wrote David Rooney of Billboard. “Great to see him, but wrong kind of voice and wrong stage presence for the character’s sardonic ditty.”

Cooper commented on his role last week to The Daily Beast.

“It’s not like anyone’s ever going to cast me as the guy untying the girl on the railroad track,” Cooper said. “But I love playing the villain.”

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