Song Of The Day: The Small Faces – “Song Of A Baker” (1968)

If you’ve got a couple of minutes watch this outstanding Rock performance from 1968, it is really something special. Take particular note of the lead vocals by the late great Ronnie Lane, who was born on this day in 1946. Lane is truly one of the finest singers, songwriters and bass players in Rock history, but he never sought the limelight within the two seminal bands he co-founded – The Small Faces and The Faces – and so he’s become somewhat forgotten today. This must not be. Lane co-wrote all the big hits of both bands – you know them all – but rarely sang lead vocals. Making matters worse, both bands had high-profile frontmen who split just as the bands were hitting the big time, leaving Lane high and dry twice. His 1977 collaboration with Pete Townshend called Rough Mix is a minor masterpiece in its own right, but not long after that Lane’s multiple sclerosis began to take a serious toll, rendering him largely unable to write or perform from the mid-Eighties up until his death in 1997. But we will never forget him.

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