A Remaster Of ‘…And Justice For All’ Is Coming, Classic Metallica Producer Flemming Rasmussen Is On Board

As they did with Kill ‘Em All, Ride The Lightning, and Master of Puppets, Metallica is taking their reissue campaign to their classic album …And Justice For All. Mitch Lafon of Rock Talk caught up with original producer Flemming Rasmussen and this is what he had to say:

“A remaster cut is coming out now. I’m actually in the process of sending stuff to Metallica and writing an essay about how it was recorded and what we did. The last year was the ‘Master of Puppets’ re-issue, and ‘Justice’ is gonna come out this November I guess. Same thing – vinyls, loads of CDs, rough mixes, all the demos and the works and big book and everything.”

When asked, “Would you be offended if they called Jason [Newsted] back in and said, ‘Hey, it’s 2018. You wanna try re-cutting these?’ Would that temper with the specialness of the album or is that a solution?”

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Rasmussen had this to say: “That is definitely not a solution. What they should do is – I mean, if they wanna do it – because they have the tapes, I know for sure that they have all the tapes…

“They would be salvageable for sure. You could actually stick it in there and do a new mix of ‘Justice.’ You can probably do a new mix of all the albums if you wanted to. That’s just a question of deciding whether you want to do that or not.”

The release date hasn’t been announced but, expect to find it here when it does. You can listen to the full podcast above. Shout out to Ultimate Guitar for conversation transcription.

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