In A Nutshell Review: Dead Meadow – ‘The Nothing They Need”


Dead Meadow is a band with psychedelic range. They can burn thick and heavy like a trippy, fuzzed-out molten lava. But, they‘re also a band that can also take their sounds through the stars to the ethereal beyond.

After 20 years as a band and 8 LPs, The Nothing They Need is a good album for the catalog they’ve created. The eight songs on the album jump forward with nods and influences. “Keep Your Head” starts us with a lumbering, dimensional sway that plays like a sleepy Black Angels. As the jam extends it looses depth but gains hypnotic qualities.

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“I’m So Glad” is a stoner stomp that takes flavor right out of the bayou. These riffs would bring glee to artists such as Jon Spencer and the Detroit Rebellion. In an odd twist “Nobody Home” has a thump and bump that reminds me of Cake’s “Federal Funding”.

My favorite and most doom track on the album, “The Shaky Hand is Not Mine,” is Pallbearer in disguise. “Rest Natural“ is a odd in the mix with it‘s slow burn and psych and sax Sunwatchers vibe. “Unsettled Dust“ is space mixed with wah flare, a bit of a whimper to finalize the album.

If I had to be honest, The Nothing They Need isn‘t going to make any new fans. In fact I‘d rather be listening to previous albums such as Feathers or Shivering King And Others. That being said, The Nothing They Need does have some surprising moments if you’re looking for more.

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