Roger Daltrey announces new solo album, releases first single

Who frontman Roger Daltrey announced a new solo album Thursday, his first solo album since 1992 and ninth overall. Titled As Long As I Have You, the album is due to be released on June 1.

“This is a return to the very beginning, to the time before Pete [Townshend] started writing our songs, to a time when we were a teenage band playing soul music to small crowds in church halls,” Daltrey said in a statement, per “That’s what we were, a soul band. And now, I can sing soul with all the experience you need to sing it. Life puts the soul in.”

The aforementioned vision for the album can be heard on the title track, which was released along with the announcement Thursday. Listen below:

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The album will be a mixture of originals and covers and features Pete Townshend on guitar with production from Dave Eringa. The track list can be seen below:

1. As Long As I Have You
2. How Far
3. Where Is A Man To Go?
4. Get On Out Of The Rain
5. I’ve Got Your Love
6. Into My Arms
7. You Haven’t Done Nothing
8. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
9. Certified Rose
10. The Love You Save
11. Always Heading Home

“I’ve always sung from the heart but when you’re 19, you haven’t had the life experience with all its emotional trials and traumas that you have by the time you get to my age,” Daltrey said. “You carry all the emotional bruises of life and when you sing these songs, those emotions are in your voice. You feel the pain of a lost love. You feel it and you sing it and that’s soul. For a long time, I’ve wanted to return to the simplicity of these songs, to show people my voice, a voice they won’t have heard before. It felt like the right time. It’s where I am, looking back to that time, looking across all those years but also being here, now, in the soulful moment”

The 74-year-old Daltrey, who was just quoted this week as saying fans should bring earplugs to his shows because years of performing live have made him “very, very deaf”, is scheduled to be performing a concert at the Royal Albert Hall on March 22 and will also be back on tour with The Who in June.

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