Great New Singles From The Fratellis, Beach House, And Dinosaur Jr.

The Fratellis – “Starcrossed Losers”

The Scottish post-punkers exploded onto the scene in 2006 with Costello Music, an irresistible collection of energetic but tuneful churners like “Flathead” and “Chelsea Dagger”, the latter of which has the strange honor of being a celebration anthem for several sports teams including Chicago of the NHL and Chelsea of soccer’s Premier League. The band’s youthful exuberance has faded a bit over the years, but whose hasn’t? They’ve replaced their beer drinking vibe with a less yobbish and more grown-up ethic, as evidenced by this smart, hooky little number from their upcoming fifth album due later this month. Great video too.

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Beach House – “Dive”

I really love this band, there is something very special about them. Their music has a warmth and a humanity that few electronica-based bands can match. Lead singer and vocalist Victoria Legrand’s skill at lush orchestrations must be a family trait, seeing as she shares it with her uncle, the great composer Michel Legrand. Beach House hasn’t released any new material since 2015, and there’s nothing new or different in their sound here, but why mess with success? This track encapsulates all that is great about them in two parts: Legrand’s atmospheric take on a communication breakdown is turned on its head in the song’s second half by guitarist Alex Scully’s driving rhythms and exultant lines, and it all holds together beautifully.


Dinosaur Jr. – “Hold Unknown”

There’s something comforting in knowing that Dinosaur Jr. is still kicking out the jams more than 30 years after this beast first took life. They’re kind of like The Pixies that way, staying true to a musical vision while different flavors of Rock come and go along the way. What separates them from the Pixies, though, is the guitar excellence of front man J Mascis, who has squeezed some jaw-dropping sounds out of his git-box over the years. This one-off single doesn’t disappoint in that department, and what’s really amazing is that his vocals seem to be getting better and better as time goes on. Who knows how great they’ll sound in another 30 years.


Photo: The Fratellis; Credit – Moriarty17/Wikimedia Commons


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