Song of the Day: The White Stripes – “We Are Going To Be Friends (Last Performance On Conan)”

Back in February of in 2009, The White Stripes took their final bow. Coaxed to play one last time, they closed out the last episode of the Conan O’Brien show. Never has a musical duo meant more to me then The White Stripes; they’re definitely one of the reasons I’m writing today. Ever since I heard “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground” I was hooked. It was their songs that made me dive deep into artists like Captain Beefheart, John Lee Hooker, Son House, The Cramps, The Stooges, The MC5, and others. It stirred a love in me of what raw garage rock/blues should be. I was able to see them twice and they delivered on all accounts. To hear this version of “We Are Going To Be Friends” it’s tender and haunting at the same time. Underneath all the unpolished grime and grit there was a simplistic wonder that permeated every song and that’s something that I miss to this day. From the modern bands that I hear today, I still continue to long for what I heard from The White Stripes. I haven’t found it yet.

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