The Beatles Release “New” Video For “Blue Jay Way”

The Beatles may have sold more albums than any other artist in history, but they’re still not prepared to simply give their music away. In fact the Beatles are much more vigilant than many other artists when it comes to fighting back against unauthorized use of their material, and if you post a Beatles song on YouTube it doesn’t take long before it’s taken down. One imagines a small army of people whose only job is to track down Beatle copyright scofflaws.

I suppose we could call the Beatles and their organization greedy for not letting the public share their material more freely – how much money do these people need? – but the truth is that the demand for Beatles music has been steady and strong since they split up 48 years ago, and as new generations discover them it shows no signs of ever letting up. This is, remarkably, still a top-selling outfit, not some niche band looking to keep scattered pockets of fans happy.

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One way that The Beatles can and do make their devoted fans happy is by posting official material on streaming sites, and for the past couple of years the best place for official Beatles video has been on VEVO, YouTube’s pay-per-stream service. The BeatlesVEVO site was launched in 2015 to promote Beatles 1+, the fantastic DVD collection of the band’s promotional films, and fans have learned to check the site from time to time because they are always adding a streaming video or two every couple of months.

This week for the first time they added a video that was not included on the Beatles 1+ collection, which is leading some completists to speculate there may still be some unseen Beatles stuff still out there. Of course this video for “Blue Jay Way” is not some surprise hidden gem, it is a scene from Magical Mystery Tour, that drug-addled piece of self-indulgence that ultimately convinced the lads they really weren’t cut out to be filmmakers.

Still, being posted in honor of George Harrison’s 75th birthday, it’s great fun to watch, although it’s hard to believe that someone thought that having three Beatles toss a soccer ball at close quarters in fast motion would be entertaining to anybody in 1968. That shit was so Hard Day’s Night. Anyway, it’s great to hear the song again too, George’s weird and wonderful contribution to the MMT album, and the whole thing serves as a nice little tribute to him as both an artist and a person.


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