Song Of The Day: Black Sabbath – “Snowblind”

While Sleep’s cover of “Snowblind” was posted as a Song of the Day way back in 2015. Today we take the time to honor Tony Iommi a few days after his 70th birthday. Even after a sheet metal incident at the age of 17 left him without the tips of the middle and ring fingers, Iommi became one of the most influential guitarists of all time. Our riff-raging Iron Man has designed so many memorable riffs: “War Pigs/Luke’s Wall,” “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath,” “Electric Funeral,” “Paranoid,” “The Wizard,” and of course there are many that I missed. “Snowblind” has to be one of the most underrated songs in the Sabbath catalog. The intro and chorus pour it on thick followed up by a breakdown that rips space and time. Tony Iommi is one of the reasons I play guitar today. He’s also one of the reasons I know what a Gibson SG is and why I had to have one. So we say happy belated birthday. May there be many, many more to come.

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