Song Of The Day: George Harrison – “My Sweet Lord” (2000 Version)

On this day in 1981, George Harrison was ordered to repay the $587,000 his ex-manager Allen Klein had unlawfully paid to buy the rights to the Chiffons’ song “He’s So Fine”. This was on top of the $1.6M Harrison paid in 1976 to the song’s publisher for the “subconscious plagiarism” found in Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord”. For such an uplifting song it caused him nothing but grief, and in retrospect he always wondered why he didn’t simply change a couple of notes in the first place, which would have prevented the whole mess from happening. For the 2000 reissue of All Things Must Pass Harrison did just that, changed the melody enough to avoid any plagiarism issues. I really love this version, without the Phil Spector wall of sound it comes across almost like an unplugged take.


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