Jack White shares an optimistic view of rock music

With so many claiming rock n’ roll is dead, it’s nice to see someone who thinks there could be something big around the corner.

That someone is Jack White, who during an interview with The Kevin & Bean Show on KROQ radio this week was asked about the lack of rock bands at festivals like Coachella. White responded by saying rock music is in need of something new, and that based on what he’s seen at Third Man Records, it could be on the way.

Per Stereogum:

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Rock ‘n’ roll needs an injection of some new young blood to really just knock everybody dead right now. It think it’s brewing and brewing and it’s about to happen. And I think that it’s good. Since rock ‘n’ roll’s inception, every 10, 12 years, there’s a breath of fresh air and a new injection of some sort of what you could I guess call “punk attitude” or something like that, a wildness. Things get crazy and then they get crazy for a couple years, and then they kind of get subtle, and then you’ve gotta wait for the next wave to come through and get people really excited and screaming about it again. We see it at Third Man all the time, a lot of young rock ’n’ roll acts, and I can tell in the last couple years it’s definitely different than it was five years ago. So I can tell something’s about to explode again.

White might not be able to quiet all the naysayers, but we would agree that rock just needs a jolt. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest there’s still a demand, and now the trick is for something new to take hold. White is doing his part with his upcoming album Boarding House Reach, but hopefully there will be a lot more to come from there.

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