Ozzy Osbourne eyes another album, tells a crazy concert story

Ozzy Osbourne may be planning on giving up touring, but he has no intention on leaving music and even plans on eventually releasing another album.

Osbourne discussed his future plans with Rolling Stone, saying that when he gets done with his No More Tours 2 tour in 2020 a new album will be among the things in his plans.

“I’d like to make an album,” Osbourne said. “I’ll be doing gigs from time to time. I just know I won’t be touring anymore.”

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Osbourne added that he’s already got eight or nine song ideas but hasn’t had the chance to expand upon them.

“I’ve just got to sit down and work them out,” Osbourne said. “There’s never enough time in this house.”

With two more years of touring, there’s plenty of time for Osbourne to come up with some crazy memories to add to his already lengthy resume of tour stories, among them biting the head off a bat and allegedly snorting a line of ants with Motley Crue. Ozzy shared one more story with Rolling Stone — not quite as crazy some of the other things he’s done, but still pure Ozzy nonetheless.

“There was one night when I saw that a bunch of people were not moving to the rock & roll ­– and if someone’s not moving in the audience and not doing anything, I’ll do the show just for that person and I’ll start throwing buckets of water at these people,” Osbourne said. “Then someone told me the reason they’re not moving or getting into the concert is because they’re all deaf. And I felt like quite an idiot at the time, lashing them with buckets of water and hosing them down [laughs]. They were just standing there. Why does a deaf person want to go to a rock concert? I couldn’t understand that. But I was told they feel the rhythm. It was quite interesting.”

One comment to “Ozzy Osbourne eyes another album, tells a crazy concert story”
  1. Seriously?
    All of the truly good to great composers of rock and pop and people take this guy that seriously?
    Spare me, I say, when I see Ozzy and some other have, or never beens, appearing again to threaten more noise on their non contribution to those music genres.
    Some people like Ozzy have no class and couldn’t compose anything worth spending a dime on.
    Being popular because you act like an idiot and bragging about being a foul mouthed slob on stage well, what can you say about the public and what they go by.
    You see, clowns like Ozzy simply come at the right time and some people think, yeah it’s cool.
    That’s my opinion and I’ll say it.
    I have since the 60’s and don’t care who hears me.
    People make fun of our friends Keith and Mick, for example, but they didn’t go down for years in that they couldn’t perform and write actual melodies.
    Because they did continue to write good stuff and tour.
    Unlike this Ozzy and a lot of talent-less others.
    I know some will get mad, but well, what the hell, say what you feel, I say, okay, the rock world isn’t a freakin’ a’fall in line’ thing… dig..?
    area for me, dig?

    Too many great talented guys and gals that don’t get the attention

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