Song Of The Day: The Tragically Hip – “In View” (2006)

Today would have been Gord Downie’s 54th birthday. The lead singer of The Tragically Hip passed away last October, and Canadians are still grieving. Downie was Canada’s de facto poet laureate, and the Canadian-ness of him and his band understandably didn’t translate well into the U.S. This is not a new thing, there have been many British bands, from T.Rex to Elbow, that didn’t translate well into the U.S. either. Downie was a brilliant songwriter and a bizarre and transfixing performer, a truly unique individual the likes of which was never seen before and will never be seen again. Happy Birthday up there, Gordie, you will be remembered forever by your fellow Canadians and by everyone else who was touched by your music.


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