Song of the Day: Alice Cooper – “Elected”

Happy birthday wishes go out to Alice Cooper, who was born Vincent Damon Furnier on this day 70 years ago. Cooper released this song before the election of 1972 and to go along with it jokingly announced his candidacy for the presidency. Cooper did the same in 2016, when his candidacy was accompanied by the slogans “A troubled man for troubled times” and “I can do nothing as well as they can do nothing.” Among Cooper’s campaign promises in 2016 were “no more teachers, no more books,” bringing Brian Johnson back to AC/DC and a pledge to put Lemmy on Mt. Rushmore, and he announced Tom Hanks as a running mate, even though he didn’t tell Tom Hanks about it. People could also go to the campaign web site and download a new version of this song.

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