Neil Young releases new video for “Almost Always”

Neil Young released a new video on February 1 for the track “Almost Always” from his 2017 album The Visitor.

The video plays like a love letter to nature and fits in well with the song’s contemplative lyrics, where Young sings about cutting through the angry outside noise to focus on the right things.

Lately I been thinking
Bout the changing world
Trying to fit in pieces of dreams
Just trying to add it up
Figure out what it means
When a lost planet comes tumbling home
Does it have to have a beard
To break free from what is here
And continue to pick up those pieces of dreams
And I’m living with a gameshow host
Who has to brag and has to boast
I’m tearing down the things that I hold dear

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While the day is with us
And the birds are near
Singing in the sun, basking in its light
As it just risen
Through the fogs of fear
Can I take a minute to do what’s right
Before that starts me thinking
Distracting me again
Do I have something to say?
Maybe just a feeling
That things are bound to change
Or just that crazy searchlight
Lighting someone’s way

Watch the video below:

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