Song Of The Day: Chicago – “Dialogue Part I and II” (1972)

On this day in 1978 Chicago founder, vocalist and lead guitarist Terry Kath – an expert gun enthusiast – was fooling around with a 9mm semiautomatic pistol and showing one of the band’s crew how safe it was when he pulled the trigger with the gun to his head, not realizing there was still one round in the chamber. Such a horrifying and senseless death for one of the greatest guitar players and Rock vocalists who ever lived. Most people believe that the heart and soul of the band died that day, and on the recent CNN documentary Now More Than Ever: The History of Chicago band co-founder Robert Lamm mused that in retrospect perhaps the band might have been better off to call it quits that day and start something fresh without their illustrious bandmate. Still, Kath left us with a rich legacy of his astonishingly great vocals, songwriting and guitar playing, and he is still greatly missed.


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