Hendrix Still Thrills With His “New” Material

There’s plenty for Rock fans to get excited about in the “new” Jimi Hendrix single and album that we told you about this week. This track “Mannish Boy” is a kicking, uptempo cover of the old, plodding Muddy Waters blues classic, and you’ve got to hear it if you haven’t already. Any Rock history buff should be atingle to discover that the track was recorded on April 22, 1969 at the Record Plant in New York City, which was Jimi’s first-ever studio session with Billy Cox on bass and Buddy Miles on drums – they would soon adopt the name Band of Gypsys – and the instant chemistry is astonishing. It’s like hearing history in the making. These cats are on fire, blasting the old blues number into another dimension, and it’s pretty thrilling.

If this first single is any indication then the album is really going to be something. There are some intriguing guest appearances on it, including Johnny Winter on the song ‘Things I Used To Do”, plus another one that I absolutely cannot wait to hear: Stephen Stills performing “Woodstock” with the band. Stephen Stills and Jimi Hendrix on the same recording? Be still my beating heart. It’s important to remember that this is the last in a series of re-releases, and the series producer has hinted that there’s not much of value remaining in the Hendrix recordings vault after this. It sounds strange to say almost fifty years after they were recorded, but this could very well be the last of Jimi’s material that we will ever get to hear, so maybe we should really be savoring this album when it comes out in March.

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