Loving The Impressive New Eels Single “The Deconstruction”

We’re all pretty happy around here to learn that the Eels will be releasing their 12th studio album The Deconstruction on April 6th. Eels frontman Mark Oliver Everett, known as E, has got to be one of the more intriguing characters in Rock today. His father Hugh Everett III was a globally-renowned quantum physicist in the Fifties and Sixties, and some of his formidable intellect was clearly passed down to his son. But the sudden deaths of his father and mother and the suicide of his only sister have always colored E’s music with either a cutting cynical edge or a bittersweet sadness, and what makes it intriguing is that these emotions are expressed in an amazing range of sound from exuberant Rock to introspective electronica noodlings.

The Eels last album – The Cautionary Tales Of Mark Oliver Everett – came out four years ago and was a very stripped-down, quiet affair. And when you first listen to the first single from the new album – the title track, just released this week – you’re thinking this is more of the same. But the song unfolds like a European movie soundtrack with a driving drum track, an incredibly beautiful and complex string arrangement and eventually an electric guitar-fed crescendo.

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The deconstruction has begun
Time for me to fall apart
And if you think that it was rough
I tell you nothing changes
Till you start to break it down

The song ultimately is neither cynical nor sad, but rather somewhat positive and hopeful, and judging from E’s remarks on his website, the idea of breaking something down to build something better is the recurring theme of the album: “The world is going nuts. But if you look for it, there is still great beauty to be found. Sometimes you don’t even have to look for it. Other times you have to try to make it yourself. And then there are times you have to tear something apart to find something beautiful inside.” Can’t wait to hear the rest of this baby.

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