Who Couldn’t Use A Music Video Featuring Nice Doggies In Costumes?

Like most great artists, Beck’s music has a way of growing on you even when your first impressions aren’t that great. I was critical of Beck’s latest album Colors, thinking it sounded a little too overproduced and included a little too much Dance Pop for my liking. This track “Fix You” didn’t really register with me at first, but after seeing this video I’ve discovered it’s a lovely little song with a couple of really interesting chord changes, which just goes to show you that first impressions aren’t always the right ones.

Of course the video surely had a part in changing my view of the song, because I’m not hard-hearted enough not to be swayed by nice doggies and a cute toddler. The three dogs and the little girl are apparently Instagram stars in Japan, delighting their fans with costume play which I’m guessing depicts the dogs as the little girl’s parents. It’s hard to tell for sure not being much of a follower of Japanese Instagram storylines.

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In any case, it’s never a bad time for heartwarming videos with dogs and kids, and troubled times are especially good times for watching them. Put a nicely-written love song behind the images and only the hard-hearted will disapprove. And one more thing: As part of the video’s release Beck has partnered with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and he asks everyone to visit their website to donate and help our fine furry friends.

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