Eric Clapton expresses regret over racist remarks, Patti Boyd

Eric Clapton’s new documentary Eric Clapton: Life in 12 Bars has caused him to confront some of the demons of his past, including racist comments he once made as well as his love for Patti Boyd.

Per the Daily Mail, Clapton was speaking after a recent screening of the movie in London when he expressed regret for remarks at a 1976 gig he made in support of British politician Enoch Powell. “I think Enoch’s right … we should send them all back,” Clapton told the audience. “Throw the wogs out! Keep Britain white!”

Clapton reflected on the remarks by saying, “I sabotaged everything I got involved with. I was so ashamed of who I was, a kind of semi-racist, which didn’t make sense. Half of my friends were black, I dated a black woman and I championed black music.”

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Clapton also discussed his well-documented interest in Boyd while she was married to George Harrison. The two later got married, but Clapton admitted he wasn’t in the right to want Boyd while she was married to Harrison.

“I knew it was wrong, George was my best friend,” Clapton said, per the Daily Mail. “But I felt the compulsion towards her. She was the most incredible woman I had ever met. Even though they were married I wanted her, even though she was unavailable.”

Life in 12 Bars reportedly shows an unflinching look at Clapton’s life, one where he didn’t edit out any of the negative parts of his life.

“It’s difficult to sit through because it goes on so long about the difficult part of my life,” Clapton said. “I think it’s important for people to see that there is a happy ending, it’s like a redemption concept. If you are going to go and see it, be prepared for a heavy ride.”

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