Song Of The Day: Michael Nesmith & The First National Band – “Joanne” (1970)

Happy Birthday to Mike Nesmith, who turns 75 today. As a “real” musician Nesmith was the first Monkee to push back against the creative constraints instituted by the producers of the band’s hit TV series. Nesmith wanted to be in a real band, and the Monkees could never really be one. In 1970 he had a hit with this great song, and as the years rolled on Nesmith moved more into the production of records, films and video. But for a guy who seemed to disavow his Monkee years, Nesmith still showed up at several Monkees reunions in the 80s, 90s and 2000’s, performing at what he said was his final appearance with the band in 2013. At that time he told a reporter that the Monkees are “a part of my youth that is always active in my thoughts and part of my overall work as an artist. It stays in a special place.”


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