Velvet Underground 50th anniversary limited edition box set on the way

A few lucky Velvet Underground fans will soon be able to get their hands on a special box set commemorating the band, which will include a re-creation of their lost 1969 album, portions of which were released on 1985 compilation VU.

The collection will include vinyl copies of The Velvet Underground and Nico (1967), White Light/White Heat (1968), The 1969 Album (New Compilation), The Velvet Underground (1969), and Loaded (1970), as well as Nico’s solo album Chelsea Girl (1967). The track list for the 1969 album can be seen below (via Rolling Stone).

Side One
1. “Foggy Notion” (original 1969 mix)
2. “One Of The Days” (2014 mix)
3. “Lisa Says” (2014 mix)
4. “I’m Sticking With You” (original 1969 mix)
5. “Andy’s Chest” (original 1969 mix)
Side Two
1. “I Can’t Stand It” (2014 mix)
2. “She’s My Best Friend” (original 1969 mix)
3. “We’re Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together” (2014 mix)
4. “I’m Gonna Move Right In” (original 1969 mix)
5. “Ferryboat Bill” (original 1969 mix)
Side Three
1. “Coney Island Steeplechase” (2014 mix)
2. “Ocean” (original 1969 mix)
3. “Rock & Roll” (original 1969 mix)
4. “Ride Into The Sun” (2014 mix)
Side Four – Bonus Tracks
1. “Hey Mr. Rain” (version one)
2. “Guess I’m Falling In Love” (instrumental version)
3. “Temptation Inside Your Heart” (original mix)
4. “Stephanie Says” (original mix)
5. “Hey Mr. Rain” (version two)
6. “Beginning To See The Light” (early version)

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There’s only one catch — the box set is limited to just 1,000 copies. Click here to pre-order.

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