Previously unreleased Led Zeppelin material could be on the way in 2018

Here’s some news that should excite Led Zeppelin fans.

Based on some recent comments Jimmy Page, it sounds like there will be some previously unheard content on the way next year as the band celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Page mentioned the possibility during an interview with the Academy of Achievement.

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“There’ll be a Led Zeppelin product coming out for sure that people haven’t heard, because I’m working on that. And next year will be the 50th year, so there’s all manner of surprises coming out,” Page said.

Watch below (Page makes the comments just past the 49:30 mark) —

Whatever Page may have in store surely will fly to the top of the list of anticipated 2018 music for rock fans everywhere. Who knows what it will be, or what the other surprises Page talks about will wind up being, but needless to say there will be a whole lotta fans thrilled by this news.

Photo: Academy of Achievement

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