King Gizzard Seems To Be Making It Happen. Two Songs Released

What a year it has been for King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. The promise of five albums released in a year seems to be looming ever closer with the release of the ballady “Beginners Luck” -they left off the apostrophe- and the riff rager that’s “All Is Known.”
“Beginners Luck”

“All Is Known”

On the album, frontman Stu Mackenzie said: “The last one is still coming together, but it’s definitely less ‘themed’ like the other four have been. And the idea for the fifth one was to have all of the songs — they’re definitely not B-sides or anything. They’re more songs that didn’t work in any of the the rest of the four records, or they didn’t fit into any of those categories that well, or they came together slightly after when those records came together.

“So the fifth record is this place for us to put a lot of different ideas that we’re trying to experiment within the song, rather than within the whole record. And for me, some of my favourite songs of the year are on the fifth record. It’s more song-oriented than album-oriented. But things are still possible to change.”

King Gizzard says to expect the album late late in the year. I know I’ve posted them to death, but you really should check them out. They have many styles and it might not always work but, what they do they commit to and it usually pushes psychedelic music. You can see my review of their last album, the free Polygondwanaland here.

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