Really Early Jack White Coming Our Way

According to Third Man Records, The Hentchmen are reissuing their early EP Hentch-Forth. Who are The Hentchmen you ask? Hentch-Forth (1998) is the The Hentchmen’s only album that includes Jack White on bass. What also makes this special is the fact that the material is being expanded. The site says, “This extended edition includes the ‘Some Other Guy’ single that also features Jack on guitar plus a couple phenomenal bonus tracks.”

Also, a fun fact for all you White Stripes fans: The Hentchmen’s “Some Other Guy” and The White Stripes’ “Let’s Shake Hands” were recorded AND released at the same time. You can see the album artwork and track listing for the reissue below.

Hentch-forth track list:

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01 Some Other Guy
02 Psycho Daisies
03 Yesterday’s Trash
04 L.A.M.F.
05 Automatic
06 Gawker Delay
07 Me and My Monotone
08 Little No More
09 Carry Me Home
10 Big Screen Lover
11 R&R Cancer
12 Club Wagon
13 Ham & Oil
14 Psycho Daisies (Alternate Take)

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