Moby Back To Classic Form With New Single

Moby is one of the great musical explorers of our time, and he has dabbled in more genres than any just about other artist ever has, except for perhaps the great Rock chameleon Beck. Whether it’s all any good is another question, but Moby definitely caught lightning in a bottle with his 1999 album Play, which in my book is one of the great Rock albums of all time. Everything fell into place so perfectly as he blended electronica, Rock, and old-school blues and R&B into something new and compelling and hugely influential.

Since then Moby has released guitar-heavy albums, house music albums and ambient albums, along the way suffering the fate that all genre-busting artists face – alienating fans with every stylistic shift. It’s a big problem for artists when they are more adventurous then their fans. But the fact is Rock has always been about genre blending, and the greatest artists are the ones who are more interested in creating something new as opposed to appeasing their fan base.

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So Moby announced this week he will be dropping his 15th studio album in March, and from that album he has released the first single “Like A Motherless Child”, and it sounds like it could have come from 1999’s Play. The song is a reworking of the traditional folk song “Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child”, and Moby’s deft production gives it a timeless feel. He’s got a gift for mixing digital and analog instrumentation, and his spoken word section sounds less like rap and more like a holy incantation. The guy’s got a lot to say both musically and lyrically, and it will be interesting to see whether this could end up being his big comeback album next March.


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