Great New Single: Morrissey – “Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s Up On Stage”

Morrissey has got to be one of the most unlikeable Rock Pioneers ever, giving Mike Love a run for his money in that dubious category. Together with Johnny Marr in The Smiths, Morrissey practically invented emo, and his band set a template for modern guitar sounds that indie Rock bands continue to emulate to this day. He is a bonafide Rock Pioneer, but personally he comes across as a miserable schmuck, one who actually seems to relish his misanthropic reputation.

Whether it’s disparaging 1.3 billion Chinese or, more recently, defending Harvey Weinstein, there seems to be no limit to the stupid things Morrissey says in public. Sure, the bad boy thing has always been a staple of Rock & Roll, but if you go so far as to constantly alienate large swaths of the global population you can’t be doing yourself – or Rock & Roll for that matter – any favors.

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Still, Morrissey has soldiered on, recently releasing his 13th solo album after the demise of The Smiths, feeding a fan base that obviously doesn’t give a shit about how disagreeable he is. And there’s no doubt that he’s released at least some strong solo material in that time, just not as strong as it might have been if he still had Johnny Marr by his side.

His latest album Low In High School delivers more of the same cynical melancholy we’ve come to expect from Morrissey, but this track “Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s Up On Stage” stands out with a bounce and a sense of humor and a sound worthy of the old Smiths. The video is hilarious too, featuring old Moz executing a deliberately awkward dance routine bare-chested in a suit jacket (at least I hope it’s deliberate). The song is a spiky take on the price of fame, and by the end it’s rocking pretty good and you’ve forgotten for a moment all those stupid things that this guy has said. Such is the power of art, I suppose.



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