Song of the Day: Pink Floyd – “Pigs (Three Different Ones)”

Today was the day that Pink Floyd made pigs fly back in 1976, when a large inflatable pig broke free from its constraints during a photo shoot for the Animals album cover and took off into the skies over the U.K., disrupting air traffic in the process. The incident obviously created one of rock’s great symbols and a prop that would become one of the most popular parts of Pink Floyd’s epic shows over the years. It’s only appropriate then that we pick this song to go with the anniversary of the event, for obvious reasons. With Animals being influenced in part by the book Animal Farm, Roger Waters used pigs as the album’s metaphor for the rich and powerful, which he criticizes harshly on this song. He continues to do it live, with Donald Trump as a target, much to the chagrin of some fans, although Waters made it clear earlier this year that angry fans weren’t going to stand in his way.


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