Tommy Keene Has Passed And Here’s Why We Should Take Notice

Sadly and unexpectedly it seems one of rock’s nicest guys have passed away. According to Variety, Tommy Keene, a veteran singer-songwriter of the new wave and power-pop eras best known for his 1984 alternative-radio hit “Places That Are Gone,” died Wednesday.

The post on his website read: “Tommy Keene 6/30/58 – 11/22/17. Tommy passed unexpectedly and peacefully in his sleep. Thank you to all his friends and family who he loved very much.”

What made me take the most notice is the outpouring of love that I’ve seen from many individuals. To quote Christopher Slusarenko of the band Eyelids, “Tommy Keene, was one of the kindest, brightest & most talented friend I could have ever had. A few weeks ago Eyelids had just seen him in Los Angeles where he was so generous as to bring his amps to the venue for us to borrow and lug back home afterwards. That was Tommy… ready to support and ready to give. He was on fire when I saw him open for Matthew Sweet a month or so ago… as good as ever. You could tell he was so fired up to play Mission of Burma’s “That’s When I Reach For My Revolver”. He loved music so much!!! When John Moen and myself got to play with Tommy in Boston Spaceships I think all of us were in shock. It’s Tommy “Fuckin'” Keene over there. He never put on an attitude, always made you feel better, sexier, funnier and was super generous with his fans as well as strangers.”

It goes on a bit more but you hardly hear anyone talk about someone like that theses days. Keene seemed to be one hell of a person, as well as a musician too. Releasing a EP with Robert Pollard of Guided By Voices fame, The Keene Brothers EP seems to be one hell of an album. May he rest in peace.


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