Watch A Beautiful Tribute To Sharon Jones By The Dap-Kings

The great rockin’ soul singer Sharon Jones passed away a year ago on November 18, 2016, far too young at the age of 60. The world had come to know and love her infectious energy and powerful vocals because her own tenacity and perseverance made it so: she didn’t record her first album until she was 40 years old, and thank goodness she stuck at it for so long. Together with the Dap-Kings she made five sizzling albums that brought a contemporary bite to traditional soul and R&B sounds, elevating them far above any “retro” or “tribute band” label.

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings completed recording their sixth album Soul Of A Woman in the weeks before Jones passed away, and it was just released this week. It’s as good or better than any of their previous albums, putting Jones in a category alongside David Bowie and Gord Downie as artists who recorded some of their strongest work when they knew their days on earth were numbered. It’s a relatively new trend that promises some fantastic music to come as great artists continue to age.

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Jones’ voice sounds as strong as it ever did, which is amazing and truly inspiring considering she recorded this material in between rounds of her cancer treatment. The Dap-Kings is a collection of brilliant musicians, and they up their game on this album, stretching their mastery of styles to include 70s Gamble & Huff, early 60s Rock & Roll, late 60s Soul, Cocktail Jazz, Soul/Funk and more.

They appeared on The Tonight Show with a really fantastic tribute to Jones. The band began playing a song from the album, and then guitarist Binky Griptite said a few words before introducing Jones, at which point the band went quiet and Questlove put the needle down on an LP on a record player that was in the middle of the stage. As the song came up a montage of pics of Jones was shown on the darkened stage, and when the recorded song “ended” the band came back and seamlessly finished the performance live. It was a wonderful, unique tribute to a great artist.


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