Song of the Day: War – “Why Can’t We Be Friends”

Happy birthday wishes go out to War vocalist/keyboardist/co-founder Lonnie Jordan, who turns 69 years old today. The band is still going 48 years after its inception, but Jordan is the only original member still a part of the group. This of course is one of War’s most well-known songs, one that will be popular for decades to come due to its timeless sound and message. Drummer Harold Brown told Songfacts the idea for the song was sparked when the band was on a trip to Japan. “We’re all connected by language, and by our food, and by our culture. Most racists don’t know why they’re racist,” Brown said. “But you pick them up and take them over and drop them in a country, like India or Pakistan, guess what? ‘Why can’t we be friends?’ Because all of a sudden you find out we’re more alike inside than we are on the outside. We started realizing that that’s really important. You travel all over the world, you can’t speak a lot of their language. But one thing they do know, they know your body language, how you may react.”

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